Dear Reader,

It’s Dave from DHaus here, nice to meet you and very pleased you have delved this far into the website!

I started the DHaus Company around 10 years ago with my old chum from University: Daniel Woolfson,

Though it would be nicer to write a personal note to you, rather than all this CHAT GPT

The DHaus is us, it’s a very personal approachable design and architecture. We do all sorts, anything we find interesting really, any project of any size, across from media, branding, web design, all the way to architecture and furniture,

We love film and photography, Art and graphics, anything that makes us smile or gives us that feeling of wonder. We test all these ideas through a series of options.

We started the company because we wanted our design ideas to be about experimentation, Along the way we have collected friends that share similar passions and have helped us realise our design ideas,

Mike joined and specialises in all our marketing, branding, web and graphic design.

Phil joined us and evolves all the furniture and bespoke design elements, from dynamic coffee tables to beautiful kitchens to giant timber windows!

We are really focused on delivering rigorous design, We dabble in Art, We produce furniture and then create wonderful spaces for people to inhabit.

Our main studio is in London but we often work from Paris and the Middle East.

We never had a business plan, and we don’t plan to make one, we follow our interests and intrigue of the design and architecture profession, we love working with open minded people on any project and really love to hear peoples design ideas and take real pride in standing to up to the challenge of releasing these wonderful ideas.

If you have an idea, write me!

Myself and everyone at DHaus are extremely grateful that you have stumbled upon our work and website and we would love to hear from you,

All the best,

Dave x

We work with private homeowners, developers and local authorities on individual homes, new-build housing, retail and hospitality, commercial and public realm projects.

But successful buildings are not solely the result of good architects; having a good client relationship is key to the success of our practice and the projects we undertake.

We approach every project with an open mindset – by listening closely to our clients and by taking time to hone their priorities and ambitions through a process of testing, speculation and refinement – we treat the design process as an ongoing conversation with our client.


Whether you are extending your existing property or looking to construct a new build dwelling from scratch, we work alongside you throughout the whole design and planning process, helping you to realise your construction project.We see every project as unique; tailored to each clients’ lifestyle, aspirations and the location. We always approach the design as a collaboration between the designer and the client, arriving at a unique and bespoke solution that is beautiful, atmospheric and inspiring whilst also being functional and practical.When working on our clients homes we realise that the development is one of the biggest investments they will make in their lifetime; we are always conscious of this and ensure our clients feel fully involved throughout the process.

As Certified Passivhaus designers we are concious of rising energy costs and seek to create homes that are not only amazing to live in but that also benefit from improved air quality and thermal comfort to create a healthy indoor environment.

If you have a project in mind and would like to work with us, please get in touch via to kick start the process of us working together.


We are specialists at unlocking the potential of land and property.

We believe that the true value of a site can be best unlocked with good design and understand how best to optimise sites through our experience of planning policy, good design and an understanding of the urban realm.

To us each site is like a jigsaw of component parts which must be pieced together to generate the best return on investment and navigate the planning policy maze.

We believe the narrative around each project is an important factor in getting the local authority on board with any proposal and making a case for development of any size is the starting point in our discussions with the planners.

We have a proven track record for gaining approval where others have failed and work with repeat clients who know, like and trust us.

If you have a site that needs unlocking contact us on to discuss how we can maximise its potential.

Commercial Clients

We work with commercial clients to design spaces for culture, eating, sleeping and working.

Having worked on large scale commercial retrofits we understand the importance architecture can play in the success of any business. The Architecture needing to work with the occupants to help and not hinder their success.

We work closely with our clients to develop designs that reflect the identity of their businesses. Through careful consultation, engagement and discussion we ensure that the design is perfectly suited to the way your business operates.

Contact us on for an initial consultation meeting where we can explore the possibilities for your project.

Project Stages

1. Initial Enquiry / Appointment

Right from the start of a project we use our skills to add expertise, quality and value to your project. We will confirm our appointment to you by using a tailored RIBA forms of appointment, which is in the form of this letter., We will discuss your project requirements, ideas, budget and timescale with you in order to make sure we understand your brief. Following this, the first step is to visit your property or site to undertake a visual survey. This is also a great opportunity to discuss our ideas with you in more detail before beginning our design and drawings.

2. Feasibility Drawings

We will prepare scheme design drawings based on your defined brief and can email or meet with you to discuss these and any changes that you might like to make. We always ask for your sign off on the scheme design, and invite your comments and discussion, and we never proceed to the next stage of work without your approval.

3. Planning Drawings

Once the scheme design has been agreed, we shall develop the drawings into a full set of planning drawings and apply to the Council for Planning Approval or Permitted Development. If your building is listed or in a Conservation Area then we will also make the relevant applications.

4. Scheme Design Review

Following planning approval we believe it is a good idea to interrogate and improve upon the design elements of the scheme before we freeze the design for the building control approval / construction phase. This is an opportunity to make layout adjustments or include new elements into the scheme if required.

5. Design Freeze

At this point we “fix” the overall design so that more detailed work can begin, this includes engaging other consultants in the process and working up the design so it is suitable for construction. Obviously tweaks to the scheme as the design becomes more detailed are part of the later phases of the project but major changes to the scheme should be avoided beyond this point. For example, if you decided to add a roof terrace or change the height of the building this could have knock on implications that may affect party wall agreements or structural designs. Any additional changes beyond this point are of course possible but they may incur additional work and fees.

6. Building Control Drawings

Once Planning Approval or Permitted Development has been granted, the next stage is to produce a set of detailed technical drawings. Other consultants, such as a structural engineer may be required at this stage, we will coordinate the input from these consultants. Our technical drawings will show how the building is to be constructed and will address all aspects of compliance with Building Regulations, such as thermal efficiency & building safety. Following your approval of the detailed design, we will submit this for Building Regulations Approval.

7. Tender and Contracts

We will suggest recommended contractors that are suitable for your project, and invite chosen contractors to tender for the work. Once tenders have been received we will report to you and assist in selecting the best value contractor for your project. We will give our advice and guidance on the most suitable form of contract for your project, as well as completing the paperwork on your behalf to be signed by you and your contractor. A well written building contract is essential to give you peace of mind during the construction.

8. Construction Drawings

We will produce the drawings necessary to explain the construction works to a contractor in order to build the project. Our services also include detailed interior drawings and plans such as precise kitchen and bathroom designs, and bespoke interior architectural details. In addition we will write a detailed specification document itemising all of the work involved in the construction of the design. Collating this information before works starts ensures that the project is of the best quality possible.

9. Construction

As part of our role during the construction phase we will maintain day-to-day contact with the builder on your behalf. Additionally, we will regularly visit the site and carry out inspections of the work to ensure that it is to the quality stipulated in the contract documents. If we identify any defective or incorrect work during these inspections, the contract empowers us to issue Architect’s Instructions to the builder to rectify this, at no cost or delay to the client. We will deal with any queries arising from site and will provide the contractor with additional information as necessary. We will also regularly value the works completed, issue interim certificates of these valuations, and check the invoices from the builder to yourselves.

10. Completion

As contract administrator we will certify when Practical Completion is achieved. We will carry out a detailed inspection, and if necessary will draw the contractor’s attention to any issues which are not in accordance with the contract and which need to be addressed before we will certify Practical Completion. Once Practical Completion has occurred and you have taken occupation of your new building we will continue to be on hand, and will carry out further inspections so that we can instruct the contractor to return and rectify any defects arising. Only at the end of the defects liability period will we carry out our final inspection and issue our Final Certificate.

Coming soon, watch this space!

Coming soon, watch this space!

Responsive Website Design

Specialists in clean, responsive websites. We are a small but talented team and we schedule our work to give 100% focus to every client. Whether you want a full bespoke design, or a template tailored to your existing brand. We can offer a high-end service with emphasis on quality and value!

Identity & Branding

Creating an identifiable brand and developing a quality website are very important steps for growing a client base and reaching a bigger audience. We aim to exceed expectations with every new client. High level final build quality at an affordable price point, a rarity in this market.

Hosting & Maintenance

Our managed website hosting is a great choice for businesses or individuals who do not have the technical expertise or resources to manage their own hosting, or who want a more hands-off approach to hosting their website. Hosting, back-ups, maintenance and SSL security is provided for all of our websites.