Arcade Series

This Series was born out of our first ever website. We were using flash back then and it had so much ability to animate and transform, which have always been a big on-going theme in our work.

We had this strange piece of colour furniture in the top right hand corner of the screen that acted as the dropdown menu, it was everything we wanted our practice to be, fun, dynamic, shape shifting, over years, one slows down and forgets why one does anything, by going back and giving life to this series we hope to re-energise the same enthusiasm that we once had at the beginning of this journey called DHaus.

You could say that the Arcade series is dark experiment into the mechanisms of colour and light, the canvas is seen from the outset as the negative space in which an existence must start.

our eyes are constructed to enable us to see forms in light. Primary forms are beautiful because they can be clearly appreciated. Working by calculation, engineers employ geometric forms, satisfying our eyes by their geometry and our understanding by their mathematics: their work is the direct line of good art.

Le Corbusier

Colour and light are forms of energy, A Pandora’s box of energy.

Each print unfolds and manifests its energy in different ways to challenge the negative space around it, this then creates dark worlds where the only existence are forms of colour are a recognisable and understandable to our understandings of shape,

There are 8 prints in the Arcade series, and they start like the atom starts, small and inhabits only one part of space, but then the atom splits in to two then four then eight, and constantly becomes something new and different.