Dynamic House


There should be no end to experimentation… –

Zaha Hadid (1950 – 2016)

Shaped by experimentation in digital media, print and furniture design, the DHaus Company was born from a theoretical project, the Dynamic House.

It all started at the Manchester School of Architecture when David and Daniel first met. What started as a great rivalry soon developed into a lasting friendship as they realised that by helping each other, they became better as architects and designers. They both knew then that this partnership would form a company one day.

By 2010 David and Daniel had just finished their Part II in architecture but due to the economic downturn of the time David was unable to get a job. In London at that time there were only a handful of jobs and wave after wave of architecture students were being washed up upon desolate shores.

Instead of giving up, he turned to his final year thesis ‘‘The Dynamic DHaus”, a mathematically adaptive house that can respond to seasonal, meteorological, and astronomical conditions by changing its shape in response to external conditions. David approached the RIBA and asked if they would recognise the project and together, they pioneered the ‘‘RIBA Host Practice Scheme’’ which allowed students to continue their professional development despite the lack of real construction projects at the time.

At the end of 2010, David submitted a 5-axis CNC model of the DHaus to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the year Sir David Chipperfield curated the architecture room. Sir David chose the model to feature centre stage in the exhibition and from this day onwards, cemented the dream and passion to continue in Architecture.

The success of the Summer Exhibition led to David and Daniel agreeing to work together to form the DHaus Company later that year.

David and Daniel spent the following few years finishing their Part III’s whilst working for Patel Taylor and Terry Farrell and Partners respectively, dedicating evening and weekends to the establishment of the DHaus as it was not yet an income generating business.

As the recession was still in full force there were not that many architectural projects available for young conceptual businesses and so to further explore their ideas DHaus turned to the development of the DTable and DLight. A coffee table and light based on the same mathematical concept as the Dynamic DHaus. The project was launched at 100% Design 2011 with a prototype of both models manufactured and sponsored by DuPont Corian with The DTable being shortlisted for the Blueprint “Best New Product Award” that year.

The resoundingly positive feedback we received convinced us to take the DTable forward to full manufacture, and in 2013 we launched the DTable on Kickstarter, raising over £30,000 in one month in order to fund the launch of the product. DTable was subsequently sold exclusively at Aram Store, London.

DHaus curated their first solo exhibition at London’s Anise Gallery and a 1:5 scale model of the Dynamic House was broadcast on the BBC and featured in the travelling Grand Designs exhibition series. David and Daniel have since given talks on behalf of the V&A and spoken about their work at the Institute of Mathematics and Science in Venice.We are now working on a number of small / medium scale residential schemes with a number of larger mixed-use projects within existing buildings and on post-industrial land.

Animation: Dhaus