The DHaus Company

Unit 13 Old Dairy Court
17 Crouch Hill
N4 4AP
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What we do

Our Approach

Our Approach

A building is only as good as its Client



The DHaus Company is an experimental design and architectural practice. We experiment by applying mathematical formulas to Architecture, Furniture and Lighting. Our practice draws inspiration from experimental mathematical formulae and the natural and built world around us.

We believe every project deserves a bespoke architectural response.

How we work

Successful buildings are not solely the result of good architects; a good client relationship is key to the success of our practice and the projects we undertake.

We approach every project with an open mindset – by listening closely to our clients and by taking time to hone their priorities and ambitions through a process of testing, speculation and refinement – we treat the design process as an ongoing conversation with our client.

Innovation in design

As a practice, we take inspiration from related fields of industry, seeking out new technologies and construction methods to create conceptually unique buildings and interiors. Innovation is cultivated in the office through interrogating the physical limits of materials and through constantly challenging ourselves to achieve our clients brief in new and challenging ways.