Dynamic Coffee Table


A Swiss Army Knife of a Table.

Aram Designs
Zeev Aram

In 1903 an English mathematician called Henry Ernest Dudeney worked out how to turn a perfect square into a perfect equilateral triangle by dissecting the square into 4 distinct shapes, these shapes can be rearranged to form the triangle.

The DTable utilises this formula by combining the mathematics and movement to create a functional adaptable low table.

Inspired by mathematics, DTable is a fully functioning 3d puzzle that translates its form into a fully flexible and adaptable low/coffee table. The white cube-like form can be transformed into the triangle, showing off DTables’ clean lines and flexible geometries. Long sweeping movements create a sense of energy in the table that invites the user to interact with it. DTable can be celebrated as the centrepiece of a room or is equally suited to sitting along a wall or in the corner of a room.

Functions literally unfold as the table is opened. Great as a storage box when in square formation, DTable can hide your every day life away inside its inbuilt storage. The table is made up of four individual units each with its own purpose, every part of D*Table has a unique functionality.

Designed in London, manufactured in Denmark, D*Table is a inspired by mathematics and geometry. We take advantage of the latest manufacturing techniques to bring you the realisation of a century old mathematical formula. During production we ensure that each DTable has a little impact on the environment and produces minimal waste. Every DTable is made from sustainably sourced wood, put through through rigorous tests and is free from harmful toxins.

DTable measures 700 x 700mm when in square formation and 1060 x 1060 x 1060mm when in triangle formation. To enable simple transportation, each element of DTable can be manually detached using the simple hinge solution unique to DTable.