Road to Nowhere (PARIS)

This works is a re-make of the 1913s poster Road to Success by Etude Magazine, the drawing depicts a satirical projection of life,an illustrated rat race: where by an allegorical map shows a road to musical success.

So much happens in the drawing, A host of shortcomings and mistakes including “Bohemianism,” “Misrepresentation”, “Lack of Preparation”, “Bad Business Methods”, and “Weak Morals” lead to “Oblivion”, and the “River of Failure”.But those who adopt the “Right System”, attain “True Knowledge”, and pass through the “Gate of Ideals”, the golden lyre of Success beckons.

The map is adapted to musical education from an original drawing issued by the National Cash Register Company to point the road to business success.
Completely fascinated with this drawing, I wanted to recreate this but with all the drawing style that we have been working on at DHaus,
was watching a lot of Manga movies at the time and I feel the colours in this diptych are heavily influence by this. Works are available to buy, all works are printed digitally then hand signed / and hand finished by us.

One size of print
841mm x 841mm
We can organise framing and that is not include in this price.

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