Enter The 36 Chambers of Unrealised Projects

This work is a visual diary, a representation of all the Mistakes, wrong turns, dead ends, endless variants, endless hope and endless enthusiasm to try to build a DHaus Dynamic House, All the different options have been washed up in a graveyard drawing file.

In fairness we came really close two times, even getting planning permission from a council in Devon to build one. But sadly, for many reasons we lost the projects, that’s a story for another time.

The work expresses this quest in the form of a 3d drawing with roads, pathways, stairwells and more that link each project from one to the other. A kind of maze of thinking, and nothing really in order which is kind of similar to the actual project timelines,

We have never had a business plan, nor do we intend to, DHaus like this drawing is a collection unrealised projects that have led us to were we are today, a fully functioning architectural practise.

For the first 10 years of the practise, we could not quite let go of the dream of building a dynamic moving house or a static house built with the same mathematical formular and principles. The static homes interested us because they are all about prefabrication and modular thinking, whereas the dynamic moving homes are really the 4th Dimension.

The spread of the drawing transcends 3 canvases, all 841 mm x 841 mm, these drawings are like shifts in time and thinking, nothing is clear and there is not direction.

They are designed to sit in a triptych, but we are happy to sell separately, just let us know,

All framing and delivery is not included.

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