Call me back Im Lonely

I guess this project is pretty self-explanatory, its all part of life, break ups, makes ups, outlooks, outputs and more,

An on going process, into the theme of ‘’Lost’’

There seem to be three distinguishing parts to Lost, these can be:

1 – To be Lost, for example you can be completely lost out at sea, or desert or deep in a forest.

2 – To lose someone you love; we have all been there is some capacity.

3 – To lose oneself, I personally feel the latter is the most fun.

When I was growing up in London, Camden Town, Close to the BT tower (telecom tower)

(The BT Tower is a grade II listed communications tower located in, It was also known as the GPO Tower and the Post Office Tower. It was later officially renamed the Telecom Tower. The main structure is 177 m high, with a further section of aerial rigging bringing the total height to 189 m.)

My mum or dad would take me to see their friends on the other part of town, say west London or further. Whenever we would return home after seeing them, and get close to  home in Camden, I would look for the BT Tower, as I never felt lost as soon as I saw it. I’ve discussed this feeling with other friends in the area and we all had the same exact marker but never said it to each other when we were young.

This work is about taking that beacon and putting it in places where one could be typically lost.

The Tower is juxtaposed as a lonely beckon in the ocean, Desert and Forest, these posters a went up in streets of London and Paris, a kind of Home from Home, so that if anyone sees the BT tower in Paris, they will feel at home!