High above the streets of London, you will find many “Roof Top Spots” where new architecture can spring up and look down on the rich tapestry that is London.

D*Haus was asked to investigate what was possible on one such site, to design a new luxury penthouse apartment on top of an annexing on to a beautiful 1920’s Art Deco brick mansion block.

We carried out a series of form finding exercises and researched into the rights of light requirements to inform the design. We resisted a super modern form and instead looked to the original Deco building for the design inspiration.

We were fascinated with the original brick bands that made up the intense formal facade and taking a lead from the original mansard roof, we forged the form of the new penthouse. This was a very sensitive site but working closely with the planners we had planning permission granted in 2014.

A room is not a room without natural light.