Have no fear of perfection
– you’ll never reach it.

Salvador Dali

I guess this is a reactionary part to our daily lives practicing architecture, formulating building schedules, going to endless site meeting about drains, waste pipes and what the correct cat flap should be on a glass door.

drawing minute details on buildings can at times be heavy and I’m in need of some sort of artistic relief.

I was unsure if I wanted to go the whole hog and study architecture, but after going to art school for a year I realised I was not as mad as the other artists and found more order in Architecture.

But Art is a huge part of architecture, We like to see a building or a space as a piece of art or a composition at the very least.

These Artworks are a mixed bag of ideas, some of the work here has been on our drawing table for years, some of the drawings date back to the beginning of DHaus, Day one, where all we had were ideas, a shared enthusiasm, and a willingness to experiment.

Some ideas are not linked to the practise ethos and are just visual metaphors, social commentary or just hair brain ideas that we think about.