DHaus / Passivhaus Trust

We are please to announce that The DHaus Company is now an accredited member of The Passivhaus Trust, an organisation that promotes the adoption of Passivhaus principles in the UK.

We are in a climate emergency and buildings are a significant culprit of carbon emissions – accounting for 35% of total global energy consumption. As passivhaus members we are committed to improving building standards, reducing energy consumption and delivering high standards of comfort and health.

What are the Passivaus Principles?

Passivhaus is a tried & tested solution that gives one a range of proven approaches to deliver net-zero-ready new and existing buildings optimised for a decarbonised grid and augmented for occupant health and wellbeing. Passivhaus buildings provide a high level of occupant comfort using very little energy for heating and cooling, reducing the long term running costs of a building and saving money in the long term.

When working with an  existing building, an alternate standard called EnerPHit is applied, where the existing architecture and conservation issues may mean that meeting the Passivhaus standard is not achievable, but this still above and beyond what the UK Building regulations require at present.

In some Passivhaus projects, aesthetics and design are compromised to achieve better performance for the building itself. Our aim is always to incorporate sustainable measures alongside good design.

We are currently on site with our low energy new build home in Surrey. Images of this are below, our scheme incorporates Passivhaus principles with large overhangs to protect from solar gain, highly insulated walls with U-values of 0.1, triple glazing, air source heat pump and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR).