The Land beyond Mayes Road

The Land Beyond Mayes Road sounds biblical but it’s just Wood Green, The site fronts on Brook Road which is a street with has a mix of residential and commercial properties along it. There is also a supermarket opposite the site and a music recording studio in the former church next door. The site is currently occupied by super run down garages.  The proposed design looks to update and cheer up what are a row of very dilapidated Garages, The site does not sit within a Conservation Area nor is it a listed building. The buildings and secondary roads were predominantly laid out around the 1860’s. The area has a mix of properties from different eras including residential, industrial and retail spaces in close proximity to each other.

Our client has tried countless times to get planning on this site and has failed every time (so it landed on our lap)

As part of the design process, the previous failed applications (more than one!) were reviewed and assessed, we then set about trying to maximise the feeling on space and bring as much natural light as possible onto this small landlocked site.