Don’t Move Improve! 2024

Our Butterfly House was recently Longlisted in this year’s Don’t Move Improve! awards.

Don’t Move, Improve! is NLA London’s competition which celebrates the newest and most innovative home improvement projects across London each year.

The project, a rear extension and house refurbishment to a Victorian townhouse in Islington takes inspiration from the historic 19th-century butterfly rooves that are found in the area.

We wanted this concept of the butterfly not just at roof level, but in the way the bricks were set out – creating amazing shadows in light and reinforcing the V or butterfly in elevation. To achieve this we fabricated custom angular bricks from Petersen and applied these in a staggered symmetrical pattern for the upper levels of the rear facade.

We added depth to the wall of the rear facade to create storage cupboards for garden tools as our client’s did not want a garden shed. These storage cupboards are set within the wall itself and clad in brick slips, so the wall becomes a dynamic element with this added function.

Congratulations to all the other entrants to this year’s competition!

More info on the project here >>>