Thanks to our newest member of the Team, Ronny our token German, Has had D*Haus invited to Germany to take part in the infamous:


Over the coming decades new technologies will change our lives and the way in which we perceive them beyond our imagination. Future Design is a creative conspiracy of science, technology and art, an experimental laboratory for new art forms and perspectives on the social impact of technologies in a European context.

Future Design is concerned with the art of thinking about and shaping the future actively and consciously based on values which are humanistic, affirmative of the notions of universal human rights, including individual freedom, sexual emancipation, and environmental responsibility. Future societies will have to find a way to implement the “asynchronous equation” in gender, multicultural, and multi-ethnic emancipation. Future Design contributes to people’s assessment of their local identity and appropriation of their local environment. At the same time it encourages cultures and helps to bridge between different sensibilities. Art is the means of social change and transformation. Future Design is an interdisciplinary and highly intercultural European project based on mobility-led research, artistic and cultural creation. It focuses on the encouragement of peoples’ creativity and free expression availing itself of the latest and upcoming technologies leading to higher participation of the audience, changing their role from consumer to producer/creator. New technologies and emerging markets will change the environment, lead to sustainable economic development, social life and exclusion, housing, leisure and consumption. Stereoscopic and autostereoscopic technologies, mobile devices with 3D capabilities, 3D lasers, laser scanners, 3D printers – augmented reality and new interfaces codeveloped by engineers and artists are finally fully presenting the third dimension to be creatively used in representation and expression, creating new business models in all industries and especially in the cultural and creative sphere. People will have to adapt to societal changes and changing relations between humans, as well as interrelations of humans with machines, animals, digital and natural networks. And people will have to come to terms with artificial consciousness and sub-consciousness.