Bio-Spaces: Regenerative, Resilient Futures

The Bio-Spaces exhibition launched at Roca Gallery, London last week, and we are lucky enough to have our project La Terre featured as part of the show.

The exhibition will plunge the visitor into the world of biophilic design, exploring biodiversity and biomimicry in design, as well as biomorphic design, bio-based materials and bioregenerative design.

Visitors will journey through a series of modular gridded ‘islands’, each exploring a theme pertinent to the concept of nature-informed design and each populated with exemplary case studies and products that derive inspiration and materials from nature and the environment. A multi-sensory approach alongside touches of greenery will enhance the experience, bringing the water-inspired spaces of the Zaha Hadid Architects-designed Roca London Gallery into direct dialogue with like-minded projects and products that aim to reconnect people and spaces with nature.

The exhibition runs from 19th April – 30th September 2024, for more information on the exhibition, click this link >>