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  • D*Haus Shortlisted – Dezeen Mini’Living – future Home Competition – FINAL 15

    Dezeen x MINI Living- SHORTLISTED Future Urban Home Competition The Kentish Classic by The DHaus Company LTD Strap Line: Fully automated CNC Plywood Georgian terrace replicas are built on top of Flood Proof Concrete plinths for a venetian take on Kentish town 100 years from now, Feeding the desire for the London period property long…Custom Read More Text
  • Our First ever Planning Appeal Won!

    The Land beyond Mayes Road The Land Beyond Mayes Road sounds biblical but it's just Wood Green, The site fronts on Brook Road which is a street with has a mix of residential and commercial properties along it. There is also a supermarket opposite the site and a music recording studio in the former church…Custom Read More Text
  • DHAUS longlisted for the Old Street Roundabout Iconic Gateway Design Competition

    Delighted to have made onto the Longlist of the Old Street Round About Competition, Some big names on the list like Zaha Hadid, AHMM, Coffey and Hawkins Brown. ‘’Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.’’ William Shakespeare, What a challenge it’s been to dissect the proposed Old Street Roundabout; the contrasting shapes and…Custom Read More Text
  • IMG_4123-2.jpg

    Don’t Move, Improve! 2018

    Delighted that both our projects got recognition by the jury this year, Our Roman House made it into the top 100 long list and our Columbia road made it into the top 30 shortlist            

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  • Dezeen Screen, 4th Place!

    10th January 2013 See the original article here >>> Dezeens top ten movies of 2012 Dezeen’s architecture and design movies had a staggering 2.2 million plays in 2012 and we’ve rounded up the ten most popular ones for you here. At number one is this film (top) demonstrating the Stair Rover by Po-Chih Lai, an…

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    Sand Castles and Kings

    D*Haus – The first project Sandcastles & Kings was the first collaborative project between David Grunberg and Daniel Woolfson.Custom Read More Text