Bull & Last in Construction!

The Bull and Last Pub on the Highgate Road has finally started on site! We are very excited about this project and will keep you uptodate here on our website and on our Instagram feed @the_dhaus_company


What are we doing here:

The Bull and Last is a historic building that sits on the corner of the busy Highgate Road and Woodsome Road in the Dartmouth Park Conservation Area. It is first mentioned in the Sessions Rolls of 1721 and was rebuilt in 1883. It formed one of the coaching inns on the route north from London, the name of the pub supposedly due to “The Bull” having once been the most northern pub on the road as you left London, so the coachman would shout “The Bull, and last stop”.

Our proposal includes the refurbishment and extension of the Pub into the basement and roof levels, with the addition of B&B facilities in the upper levels of the building.

The refurbishment of the facilities also involves the demolition of the existing kitchen and toilet block to the side of the building. These facilities will be relocated to the basement of the pub to allow for two new duplex flats to be constructed in their place. The new buildings facade takes reference from the existing pub. We wanted to design a modern take on a Georgian mews house with a black parametric screen that reflects the movement of the street.

The upper level is closely linked to the Pub’s facade and is subservient to the main building and is intended to feel like its little sister. Towards the rear of the new building, the sloped roof increases in size as it steps away from the street to allow for additional living space and the creation of a sky facing living room on the top floor.

The setback of this sloped roof means it is hidden from street view and at eye level, the building appears as a smaller structure.