David Ben Grünberg is an Architect, Artist and graphic designer.

He studied Architecture with Daniel Woolfson at the Manchester School of Architecture where he graduated with a First Class Honours.

He then practised in the Middle East and London for a year before starting his diploma at the school of Urban Future Organisations (London Metropolian University), where he graduated with distinction. Here he became very interested in paramentric architecture and worked with international students giving workshops on the practice and theories of parametric architecture.

David Grunberg


Daniel Woolfson is an Architect, Web Designer, Graphic Designer.

He studied his undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester, where he formulated a partnership with David Ben Grunberg and graduating before spending a year working in both New York and London.

Daniel continued his studies at the University of East London studying with 'Unit 4' and taking an interest in parametric design, and issues of collective urbanism which he applied in both China and Europe, he graduated in 2009 with Merit.

Daniel Woolfson


Maty Grünberg's work appears in major museums throughout the world, including the Jewish Museum NY, The New York Public Library, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The British Museum, The Israel Museum Jerusalem as well as many private collections.

Maty Grunberg


Vlad studied in France at Ensais Strasbourg before completing his Diploma in Architecture at The University of East London. He now works as a 3D Artist creating visually stunning imagery that capture the balance between concept and reality.


Senior Visual Artist

BSC (Hons) Computing - Web Information Systems and Services: 2004 - 2008


Senior Web Developer.

Furniture and product designer driven by materials and processes.

Tasked with prototyping and design resolution, Phil uses his varied background to unite concept and functionality.


Product Developer.