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D*Lux - A luxury prefabricated housing system

The D*Lux range is distinctive, unique and striking. The design creating a deluxe luxury house that speaks character and modernity. Inspired by the Bauhaus modernist movement of the early 1900's D*Lux is a high end home made from top quality materials. Constructed through the same process as the D*Static range, D*Lux is sustainable and eco friendly. The house becomes grander in proportions, with larger living areas with beautiful balconies and porches. For hotter climates swimming pools come as standard.

The D*Lux is built around providing people with a beautiful living environment that you can adapt to your current and future lifestyles. The D*Lux range uses cross laminated panel construction which is a ground breaking innovative and sustainable construction method.

DLux 1000

D*Lux 1000

DLux 2000

D*Lux 2000

DLux 3000

D*Lux 3000

DLux 4000

D*Lux 4000

DLux 5000

D*Lux 5000

DLux 6000

D*Lux 6000

DLux 7000

D*Lux 7000

DLux 8000

D*Lux 8000

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