Anise Gallery – Report

Published 10th November 2012, by D*Haus

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Thank you to everyone that supported us for the shows opening night, we had a fantastic time and hope you did too! For a reminder of what a great night please press play on the video to the right.

Many thanks to our show sponsors: Paul and Phil at Du Pont Corian. Darren McCallum at Absolut Vodka, Johnny Tucker at Blueprint Magazine, Issac Hudson at MA engineers, Stephanie Bretherton and Nadia at Quickstep PR, Joseph Robson, David, Zara and Josh @ AVR London, Peter Baines, Luke Versey and Toby Southall for filming the event, Liisa & Silvia behind the bar and Alis at Anise Gallery. A special thank you to Jacky Jubert the gallery director who made this all possible, Bravo!